One of the benefits of Seeking Alpha is the staggering amount of content: claiming that thousands of authors contribute hundreds of thousands of articles every month. Most of this content is offered for free, but users who can’t get enough data can find usage in the Seeking Alpha subscription plan to get more information on their hands.

Looking for general information about Alpha

In addition to various free articles on tips on stocks and market trends, customers can purchase the Seeking Alpha premium plan for $29.99 per month. This paid subscription offers a variety of analysis tools that are not available to enterprise free subscribers.

It should be noted that there are very few hands on with this software, and Seeking Alpha offers few educational resources. Searching for Alpha premium market software is extensive, but it will requirepersonal research so that you can use it to its full potential unless you are already an experienced investor.

If you are confident in your financial experience, then you can be well served with Seeking Alpha. The company has been archiving stock data for decades (while reminding savvy users that past performance is not a promise of future returns).

A myriad of articles and other market suggestions are both a blessing and a curse. Users will often find conflicting suggestions. This can overwhelm novice investors, but experienced customers will be able to rank the wealth of advice Seeking Alpha provides to decide what is best for their portfolio parameters and  investment goals.

With sufficient consideration, this proves beneficial for new investors. That could spur them to expand their financial knowledge to reap everything Seeking Alpha has to offer. For ambitious users, Seeking Alpha can be a viable option for everyone.


Looking for alpha quantitative qualifications

Seeking Alpha offers an exclusive quantitative rating (“Quant”) that offers ratings on a wide range of assets since its introduction in 2010. The platform’s ranking ranges from strong sell, sell, hold, buy to buy strong. Seeking Alpha claims that a portfolio based on securities rated as a “strong buy” will outperform the S&P 500’s return by more than $130,000 (assuming an initial deposit of $10,000). This will equate to a return of more than 27%, much better than the average market return.

Looking for Alpha Pro

Free option: Users who are not sure if Seeking Alpha is the direction they want to go can take full advantage of the company’s free services. This can help you dip your toes in the water to see if the company’s common language and how to disseminate information might be something you’re interested in paying for additional access.

Community: Looking for a unique Alpha compared to other robot investors in the wealth of content that its users contribute. It could even be considered a kind of Reddit Alpha Seeking community itself. You can find input from investors of all experience levels and financial goals, so you’ll always find like-minded people to help you on your journey.

Accessibility: The company offers a variety of ways to interact with the market. Search Alpha has a way to log in whenever you have access to the Internet. It offers both desktop and mobile apps, so you can always stay connected to the market.

Looking for alpha cons

Not for beginners: Looking for Alpha is not made for novice investors. Between the desktop screen and the way the information is presented, the user will not be fed a spoon. Using the platform will require investment expertise or at least a willingness to learn more beyond the resources the company provides right away.

Limited free content: While there are many things to explore on the basic Seeking Alpha site, much of what makes this company attractive is reserved for premium investors. Unique features, such as the Quant ranking system and access to recommended actions from content authors, are reserved for paying members.

Looking for Alpha free content can be seen more like a trial for those thinking about a paid subscription rather than something fully reliable.

Is it worth looking for alpha?

Looking for Alpha is a great option for those with moderate experience who have moderate amounts of money to invest regularly.  Premium subscriptions can be too much for those who are only planning to invest a small amount of money at once, which means they can’t make proper use of all the information the platform has to offer.

If you enjoy researching individual securities, and are a serious and active trader  with many individual stocks, then Seeking Alpha can prove to be a worthy investment in its own right.

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