Check out these 10 ways to turn trash into cash

Turning trash into cash

Whether you need to quickly increase your budget or simply want to get every potential dollar, finding ways to turn trash into cash is a blessing. With the right techniques, not only do you prevent items from reaching the landfill; You can also collect a good profit. In the end, there are many ways to turn trash into cash. Here are ten options worth exploring.

1. Sell your metal cans

Some scrap yards accept aluminum and steel cans. If you have a location located in your area, you can sell any cans you collect from food packaging or some other product for cash. Usually, all you have to do is make sure it is clean and remove any stickers. Next, you bring them to the site.

Compensation for scrap metal is usually based on weight. In addition, prices can vary, but they tend to be quite low. This means that selling cans probably won’t make you rich, but it’s an option to explore if you buy a lot of canned goods and want to make some bucks.

2. Get paid for used cooking oil

Many companies and individuals take used cooking oil and turn it into biofuels. If you can call one of them—and generate enough used cooking oil to make it worthwhile—you can get paid for that food prep waste.

Usually, you will need a fairly high output to make this a reasonable endeavor to make money. However, if you have a large family, fry a lot, or run a restaurant, you may want to find a local who is interested in your cooking oil.

3. Make money from egg cartons

While it may seem strange that you can turn egg cartons into cash, it is possible. If there are a lot of chicken coups in your backyard, you may be able to sell empty cartons to those families. The same can be true for small family farms that sell eggs.

There are also people who use egg cartons for crafting, and they may be willing to pay for it if your price is right. Just make sure you have a dozen or so available when trying to sell, as this can increase your odds of success.

4. Selling corks and bottle caps

Corks and bottle caps are favorites for a variety of art projects. However, people usually need large amounts for their creativity. Since consuming enough on their own may be impractical, artists may be willing to buy yours if you get enough money.

Ideally, you would want to have around 50 to 100 available if you want to sell. Although this may seem like a lot, it won’t take up much space while you’re collecting it. Simply designate a large jar or coffee canister to be the spot, and keep collecting them until you hit a steady target.

5. Get paid for toilet paper tubes

Like corks and bottle caps, toilet paper tubes make their way into art projects with surprising regularity. If you have enough savings, you may be able to sell them for a pretty penny. Just know that you may need dozens, if not a hundred or more, to attract a buyer.

6. Convert your junk mail into points

There are many sites out there that let you get rid of junk and turn it into points that you can use for cash, gift cards, and more. Usually, these are run by market research firms who want to learn more about advertising in a particular industry or region of the country.

Converting junk mail into cash is usually simple. The company sends you prepaid envelopes, and places qualified junk in them over the course of a week. Then seal the envelope and send it back to the company.

In general, this option works best if you live in an area with a large number of flyers and postcard ads. However, if you choose a company like Small Business Knowledge Centerwhich also compensates you for forwarding your junk email, can work with just about anyone.

7. Make money from scraps of fabric

If you’ve collected scraps of fabric while working on your own projects, you may be able to sell them to other crafty people who can take advantage of the smaller pieces. The value of the scraps may depend on the quality of the materials, the variety of prints, and the sheer size of the cuts. However, if you have a basket or bag full of scraps, it’s worth knowing their potential value.

Just understand that the scraps must be large enough to serve a potential purpose. Usually, this means that the pieces should be at least 1 inch wide on the thinnest side.

8. Reselling old electronics

As long as the old electronic device is still working, it is likely to be salable. Sites like gazelle It can be easy to empty. However, it is definitely not the only option.

Just remember that you will need to reset your device to its original factory settings before selling. Otherwise, the personal information you have placed on the device may be accessible to the next user. Initiating factory reset procedures is usually easy, and you can usually learn how to deal with it by researching your device type and “factory reset” online.

9. Gently sell used clothes

Many people like to renew their wardrobe on a semi-regular basis. However, getting rid of clothes that you still have on them can feel like a waste. While donating items is an option, you may want to see if you can make some money from these pieces instead.

If you have gently used upscale clothing from top brands, you can usually sell for cash. Consignment stores might be a great place to start, as well as online services like Bushmark.

Otherwise, you can sell almost any brand on the yard sale if the condition is good and the price is right. And if they don’t sell, take them to a donation center, get a receipt for their value, and take advantage of the potential tax credit instead.

10. Get paid for reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is an incredibly popular craft and building material. If you have recovered lumber from a recent barn demolition or home renovation, you may be able to sell it for a good profit. There are companies that will buy the wood, or you can sell it yourself if you live in an area that is very popular. Either way, it’s an option worth considering if you can’t use it.

Do you know any other ways to turn trash into cash? Have you used some of the above strategies and want to let others know how it went? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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