How many dimes make a dollar?

Front and back American cents 1980.

If you ask how many dimes make a dollar, the answer is 10. There are 100 cents to every dollar, and each cent is made up of ten cents. So, if you have 10 dimes, that means you have 100 cents, or $1. Adding everything becomes a simple math exercise.

You just picture it like this:

1 dime = 10 cents.

$1 = 100 cents, so you just have to divide 100/10 to get 10.

Here you are. How many dimes are in one dollar? It’s 10.

More fun dime facts

By the way, if you want more fun facts about dimes, here it is:

Each US cent weighs 2.26 grams.

The dimes are 705 inches in diameter.

The dimes are 1.35 mm thick.

Currently minted American dimes are “clad”. This means that it consists of an outer layer of nickel surrounding an inner copper core.

Dimes 8.33% nickel and the rest copper.

Dimes have gaped edges called “reeds”. There are 118 reeds per cent.

In 2020, the US mint produced about 2.7 billion dinars.

source: American mintAnd the

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