Is Asking Alpha worth it?

Since its launch in 2004, Alpha Search has grown to become one of the most popular financial research sites in the world with millions of visits every month.

They are all looking for one thing! High quality investment research and stock valuations.

Find Alpha Premium plan delivers just that.

The Alpha Premium Search service is supported by over 7,000 contributors who produce over 10,000 articles per month. Each article contains unique insights and analysis of individual investment opportunities.

So the question is: Is the search for Alpha Premium worth it? To read more about our other alpha review, click here.

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at what exactly alpha search is below.

What is Alpha Search?

Find Alpha is an online community for sharing investment ideas and insights among a network of investors. The site provides access to stock market news, financial reports and company profiles via the provided content.

The content on the site is available for free although you will quickly find that you are required to purchase the upgrade to the premium version after several views of the article.

As a premium member, you will have access to upcoming stock market insights from a diverse group of experienced investors.

However, the question remains for some people. Is Research Alpha a reliable source of information to invest their hard-earned money?

And if so, what is its price? Well, let’s find out.

Find alpha pricing

Find Alpha offers three different price points.


The basic subscription is free. With this subscription, you will be able to access free articles for the first 10 days after they are published as well as some portfolio management tools.

For most casual investors who are not interested in digging into fundamental research and analysis, the Basic subscription is quite suitable.

Here are the features included in the basic plan:

  • Follow authors and get new articles from them
  • Receive up to 15 newsletters by email
  • Read and post blogs
  • Read, post and track comments
  • See some quantitative reviews and key metrics
  • 5 year financial statement review
  • Compare 5 stocks at once
  • Sync your stock portfolio
  • Build and manage a portfolio of stocks or ETFs
  • Receive stock news and analytics alerts via email
  • Receive earnings and text alerts via email
  • Read news and personal articles
  • Earnings calendar report


A super user can access more than 300 articles published every day. The articles include simple, objective stock valuation and premium valuations for the following:

  • Author Ratings in SA – Bullish / Bearish
  • Wall Street consensus including target price
  • Quantitative evaluations – based on over 100 metrics
  • author record
  • Featured graphs for each call made when searching for alpha.

The premium subscription service is great value for money! Their “Power Buys” outperform the market by more than 4 to 1. You can get full access to the Premium subscription by clicking on the offer below.

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You can also try before you buy with a 14-day free trial. In case that wasn’t enough for you, Premium members also get access to:

  • Get alerts about promotions and discounts for your wallet
  • Less ads
  • Access to all outstanding investment ideas
  • Listen to earnings recordings and conference calls
  • Screen for top rated stocks with rating checker
  • Access to all stock dividend texts
  • Track the performance of each investment idea
  • Article sidebar view: stock chart, master data, ratings
  • See dividends and earnings predictions
  • Access to dividend estimates for each share of stock distributed
  • Review 10 years of financial statements
  • Compare 7 stocks at once
  • See the EPS revision score in the earnings calendar


An Alpha Pro subscription order will cost you $499 per year with the option to pay monthly or annually.

However, searching for Alpha Pro is not for everyone. Fortunately, they know this and offer a free 14-day Pro trial.

Here’s how it works:

Once you finish your free trial, sign up for PRO, you will get 14 days of PRO testing for free. If you are satisfied with the PRO, do nothing and they will charge you a fee every month or year at the end of the fourteen day free trial period, depending on the package chosen when you sign up.

If you decide to leave PRO before the 14-day free trial ends, you can simply click on Profile (upper right side) instead of Subscription settings, then cancel the subscription.

If you choose to leave PRO during your 14-day free trial, you will not be charged. If you choose to stay longer than your 14-day free trial, you can continue to enjoy PRO until the end of your current billing cycle.

PRO features:

  • All Premium Features
  • The most important ideas
  • Professional content and newsletters
  • short ideas portal
  • Idea Checker/Filter
  • VIP service

Key Features of Alpha Search

As a company focused on providing high quality content to investors, most of the features available through Alpha Search are focused on helping investors understand the business they are investing in before making any investments.

For those on the go, you can read more about the alpha quest app here.

Here are some of the main features of an Alpha subscription looking for payments:

  • long thoughts. The author’s thoughts and ideas about stocks that will increase in value over long periods.
  • Underwriting analysis. There is a great deal of interest among investors in initial public offerings, or IPOS, and the tools can help determine if an IPO is being priced fairly and has strong growth potential. The IPO deal can be analyzed with the help of Find Alpha IPO Analytics Tool.
  • Quick Choices. These articles focus on stocks based on specific fundamental data.
  • Fund letters. A list of selected letters of professionally managed funds outlining their goals going forward.
  • Editor’s Picks. Hand-picked articles from editors in Alpha Search based on research, data, and tracking logs.
  • Stock ideas by sector. Quickly scan stock ideas from any market sector.

In addition to the site’s basic search functionality and the ability to read any article regardless of its age, Premium members also get a personalized news feed that shows them the most relevant stories from Alpha Search first, making it easier for them to browse through the extensive content. A sea of ​​information about the search for alpha.

Note that although investment advice is shared on the company’s website, nothing on the site can constitute investment advice.

The authors cannot know your specific needs, goals, financial situation, individual investment style, or any other personal or business concerns that may influence your decision to invest.

For this reason, they will not be able to provide personalized recommendations to meet your specific needs. A stockbroker or financial advisor can help you develop a plan that suits your circumstances.

Find Alpha Review Summary | Is it worth it?

yes. Find Alpha Premium offers multiple benefits to active investors with unlimited access to content. The individual stock data is put together in an easy to understand way that should enable you to make an informed investment decision.

For example, the stock was rated strong bargain By searching for a “quantitative assessment” of alpha 1,754% compared to 385% for the SP500 over the past ten years.

Find the advantages of alpha

  • All in one solution for inventory research
  • fair pricing structure
  • Regular improvements and new features added

Find Alpha Cons

  • Limited planning capabilities

Here’s the bottom line of a simple investment strategy!

Buy stocks that are rated only strong bargain It does not own any rated shares Strong sale!

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