Is Oxford Letter of Income Legitimate?

Are you looking for a reliable investment newsletter that can help you generate future passive income streams and double-digit returns using high-yielding dividend stocks? The Oxford Club Income Letter may be just what you need.

But with so many newsletters out there, it’s understandable to wonder if an Oxford income letter is legit and worth your time and money. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of the Oxford Club Income Letter, explore its unique features, and examine user feedback to help you decide if it’s the right investment vehicle for you.
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Company background and Mark Lichtenfeld

Since its introduction in 2013, Oxford Income Letter, a monthly newsletter service, has gained popularity and a solid reputation for providing reliable investment advice and stock recommendations. With Mark Lichtenfeld at the helm, investors can be confident that Oxford Income Letter is backed by a team of experienced professionals with a wealth of experience and a commitment to providing valuable insights and recommendations to its members.

Lichtenfeld, a seasoned investor who began his career with Carlin Equities and author of the bestselling Getting Rich with Dividends: A Proven System for Double-Digit Returns, has established himself as a leading expert in healthcare, biotechnology, and income strategies. His expertise, along with his unique 10-11-12 system, has allowed Oxford’s Income Letter to stand out among other market investment newsletters.

Mark has also made numerous appearances on networks such as CNBC and Fox Business, and has been featured in his insights on Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, and even The Wall Street Journal.

The success of Oxford Income Letter has been boosted by the growth of the Oxford Club, the international organization behind the newsletter. Founded in 1989, the club has attracted more than 157,000 members from 130 countries with the aim of helping members achieve lasting wealth and financial independence through various investment strategies.

Recent expansions of the Oxford Income Letter into Japan in 2020 and Taiwan in 2022 show the newsletter’s popularity and value in the world of income investors. As demand for the service continues to grow, investors around the world can now benefit from Mark Lichtenfeld’s proven investment strategies and expert analysis, enhancing the newsletter’s legitimacy and reputation as a reliable source of investment advice.

customer reviews

Oxford Income Letter boasts a high subscriber rating, with a score of 4.6 out of 5 based on 3,900 votes on Positive reviews indicate that subscribers find the investment suggestions and strategies helpful and easy to understand, particularly in finding reasonable fixed-income investments and making significant portfolio improvements.

Its direct speech approach and focus on compound growth have also been positively noted, making it an essential resource for retirement planning. Specifically, subscribers value investment propositions that are sensible and safe, which can be hard to find in fixed income investments such as corporate bonds. Clients praise the letter’s uncomplicated approach and focus on compounding growth through reinvestment and earnings growth, which they find easy to apply in the context of retirement planning.

Furthermore, clients appreciate the specific investment strategies recommended by the letter, such as high-return strategies and catch-up strategies, which have helped clients achieve significant improvements in their investment portfolios, with some reports of a 40% improvement in their annual returns. The availability of educational resources and support from the company and the community was also positively noted, indicating that subscribers feel valued and supported throughout their investment journey.

Overall, reviews indicate that subscribers find Oxford Income Letter a valuable source of investment advice and strategies. Clients appreciate the direct approach to the letter, investment suggestions, and educational resources that have helped them achieve their financial goals.

“I have enjoyed my membership of the Oxford Club for more than 7 years now, and I have made good profits (in my opinion). Especially for the last two years. I always read your income letters, and the results of your advice are very good. I am only a small investor, but the improvement is 40%. % is great. Thank you for taking the time to advise all of your members.”

Mark: Good job with an Oxford income letter; I have shared your book (GRwD) with many colleagues and my family. The uncomplicated approach and compound growth (reinvestment and earnings growth) makes 10-11-12 easy to understand and apply. More into my business as retirement approaches and enjoying watching my kids’ Roth IRA take on the power of time.”

Is an oxford income letter worth it?

Subscribing to an Oxford income letter gives you access to a range of advisory services and investment recommendations in dividend paying stocks. Typical portfolios of the letter focus on various investment strategies, including fixed income, dividend stocks, short-to-medium-term growth, and high-yield stocks. Subscribers can choose the model portfolio that best matches their individual investment goals and preferences in the stock market.

The basic subscription service, known as the Standard Plan, provides subscribers with a monthly financial newsletter that features stock picks and analysis. This plan costs $79 annually, with a discounted rate of $49 for the first year.

For subscribers looking for additional perks, Oxford Income Letter offers two more subscription levels: Deluxe and Premium. The Deluxe plan, priced at $129 per year, provides subscribers with a digital income letter subscription with email and website access.

The Premium subscription plan is the most comprehensive subscription tier, with a price tag of $249 per year. This plan includes a physical copy of your income letter delivered monthly to your residence, along with digital access to the four individual letters and wallets. Premium subscribers get additional perks, including two special reports, a print copy of “Getting Rich With Earnings,” and a digital copy of “101 Ways to Increase and Protect Your Retirement Savings.” The Premium plan also offers a discounted price of $79 for the first year.

All annual subscription tiers come with a 365-day money-back guarantee, allowing subscribers to get a full refund within the first year of subscription. This type of guarantee makes it easy for us to strongly suggest that an Oxford income letter is worth it.

Final Thoughts – Is the Oxford Letter of Income Legitimate?

The Oxford Income Letter is a trusted investment newsletter that gives subscribers access to a range of advisory services and investment recommendations. Led by seasoned investor and writer Mark Lichtenfeld, the letter’s sample portfolios focus on various investment strategies, including fixed income, dividend-paying portfolios, dividend picking, short-to-medium-term growth, and high-yield stocks.

The message received high ratings from subscribers, which reflects its value as a source of investment advice and a strategy for achieving sustainable returns of profits. Clients appreciate the letter’s uncomplicated approach, investment suggestions, and educational resources that have helped them achieve their financial goals. Moreover, the message’s 365-day money-back guarantee provides an extra layer of confidence to subscribers.

With its reputation for reliable investment advice and its commitment to helping investors achieve lasting wealth and financial independence, the Oxford Income Letter is a legitimate investment tool worth considering. Whether you are a novice or experienced investor, the letter offers valuable insights and recommendations that can help you achieve your financial goals. Click here to register today.

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