Is Seeking Alpha reliable? Modest money

You already know that Seeking Alpha is a place where investors go to discuss, debate, and hopefully gain valuable knowledge that will augment their experience (and hopefully help them make better decisions) in the stock market.

Since anyone can use the service and not just professional investors, it can be difficult to answer the question, “Is Seeking Alpha reliable?”

If you are considering using Seek Alpha software, you can take solace in knowing that Seek Alpha has a great track record when it comes to its performance against the S&P 500. How good is their track record when it comes to the financial market? Keep reading to find it

What is the search for alpha?

Before we get into how reliable Alpha Seeking is, first a quick recap of what they are.

Finding Alpha is a stock research platform.

what does that mean?

Basically, it is a large community of enthusiastic investors who are savvy in the industry. Find Alpha allows these investors to meet, share ideas, knowledge, and analyze their stocks.

It seeks to call itself the largest investment community on the Internet. All investors, from amateurs to professionals, can reflect on what is going on and provide their opinions on various topics such as mutual funds, stock prices, and investment strategies.

While everyone can use the Alpha search software, the program is not for beginners. There will be a learning curve if you are not experienced. When we compare research on Alpha to the likes of Motley Fool Stock Advisor, for example, the latter is a much better option for beginners. However, alpha quest has a lot of educational resources that we would be sad to miss.

It’s pretty much a free service, but of course, premium subscribers are offered additional perks for the Alpha Premium and Alpha Pro platforms, as with most financial services.

For a more in-depth review of looking for alphas and how they can help you better navigate the stock market, click here.
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How reliable is Alpha Find?

The best way to know if a platform is reliable is by analyzing its past performance. Keep in mind that while the platform is reliable now, it doesn’t mean it will be year after year. Performance can fluctuate, but it’s the overall percentage we want to look at.

Historically, Alpha Search has been a very reliable investment research platform, especially when compared to something conservative like Standard & Poor’s 500which is a recommendation for long-term growth without high risk.

Yes, alpha research is reliable even when compared to fixed-line ETFs. Not to mention that their more “bullish” stocks have delivered excellent returns.

Find stocks rated “Strong Buy” by Alpha that have an average return of 27% compared to the S&P 500.

Find Alpha Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out these user reviews below. Just remember that no matter how high the platform prices are on review sites, there are bound to be some negative reviews.

As a new investor in the US market. This is a good place to go for stock information and research. Their podcasts are also “useful tools to improve your knowledge”. Engineer JS.

“Overall, a good experience. The most useful area was analyzing others and considering buying certain stocks. The quality varies greatly although some analyzes are high level and essentially useless, while others are in-depth and present a well thought out/dissertation. “

“I’ve been following many writers on Alpha Search for many years. I recently became a premium member and use the information every day. It gives me perspective on stocks from several authors with different opinions which I find very helpful when I’m evaluating buying a new position.” – David R.

Find Alpha Android Reviews


“The interface is solid, and I love the diversity of the authors’ opinions. Lots of ideas and smart articles.” – Josh Ahrens

“I love the Find Alpha app. It’s my favorite source for financial news. It’s the one I’ll miss the most if I don’t have access to it. I became a premium member a year ago because of the increased insights the service provides. I highly recommend Find Alpha.” – Scott H Zucker

Find Alpha iOS reviews


Seeking Alpha Membership

Find Alpha has three premium services: Basic, Alpha Premium, and Alpha Pro. As you may have guessed, the basic plan option is free, but it offers fewer basic analysis tools. Alpha Premium is the most popular option and will cost you $19.99 per month. You then have the most expensive Pro plan, which is $199.99 if paid annually.

What should you go to? It largely depends on what you need. The Basic plan has limited features, but it’s good enough if all you want is to follow authors, read new articles, read and post blogs and comments, view some quantitative reviews, and manage most of your template portfolio.

Alpha Premium is where things get more serious with additional features like a stock screen and more. Alpha Pro is where users get unlimited access to the benefits of the platform by unlocking all its features including investment strategies, earnings calls, earnings call scripts, email alerts and stock charts to name a few.

Is Asking Alpha worth it?

So, is this right for you? We’ll determine the best plan for you to help you decide.

Get the basic plan if you’re getting into investing and want to see and test what different platforms can do for you without a monetary commitment.

The Alpha Premium plan is excellent for intermediate investors who know the basics but want to get more out of the platform. With the Alpha Premium service, you can manage more of your profile, view your financials, and have long-term goals or retirement goals to strive for. This premium plan gives you access to the research and educational tools that allow you to achieve it. If this sounds like you, Premium is for you.

As for the Pro plan, well, to whomever suggests the name – the Professionals. You can get full exclusive access to platform features and get VIP treatment as well.

So, is Alpha Search reliable?

Seeking Alpha is definitely something to check out, no matter your experience level. The platform offers a completely free basic plan for you to browse through and see what Alpha Search can do for you. Apart from that, Seeking Alpha offers yearly discounts as well as free trials for its premium subscriptions. Find more information here.
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