Is Zacks Premium worth it?

Free stock research tools like Zacks can help you become a better investor.

But if you really want to take your investment to the next level, you will eventually have to pay for it

Premium subscription.

Zacks Premium is the entry point for their investment services. Includes access to their full collection of stock picks, including top recommendations from our team of analysts.

But is Zacks Premium worth it?

We think so. Take a closer look below to see why.

What is Zacks Premium?

Zacks Premium is the first paid membership level with the Zacks investment service. Zacks goes above and beyond taking their basic research to the next level.

This makes it a great tool for long-term investors and swing traders.

Zacks Premium combines a variety of features into one easy-to-use platform.

One of the features is Zacks Rank, a quantitative system that ranks mutual funds based on past performance and future expectations.

Zacks Equity’s research reports provide analysis of high-performing stock listings, earnings estimates, valuations, and risks.

Premium screens and a focus-list portfolio give you access to high-performing mutual funds and stocks.

The company aims to arm investors with reliable market information to make informed decisions and ultimately reach their investment goals.

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Zacks Premium pricing

Zacks Premium offers three different price points.

  • Zacks Free Membership
  • Zacks Premium ($249/year)
  • Zacks Ultimate ($299 per month)

Zacks Free Membership

A free Zacks membership provides access to all Zacks articles written by a stock advisor to guide members in creating a sound investment strategy. There are also Zacks Rank fundamental stock rankings and fundamental analysis reports.

These articles can help you identify potential investments, but they can’t tell you whether a stock is likely to outperform or underperform its peers.

However, it is limited, and you do not have access to Zacks analyst reports for the mentioned stocks.

Here are the features included in the free Zacks membership plan:


  • Zacks style scores
  • Zacks ranking of mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs
  • Daily newsletters and articles
  • Fundamental news and research in the form of charts and quotes
  • Portfolio tracking and email notifications

Zacks Premium

A Zacks premium membership unlocks exclusive stock ranking lists, recommendations, buy and sell signals in real time.

It costs $249 per year.

Individual investors can access focused investment research services aimed at outperforming the stock market.

Here are the features included in the Zacks Premium plan:

  • Zacks ranking of mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs
  • Zacks Styles results
  • Full access to Zacks #1 ranking list
  • Zack industry rank
  • Equity research reports
  • Zacks Premium Screens
  • Zacks Premium Recommendation for Long-Term Investors

You can see that the premium plan offers a more exclusive market and investment analysis that can help increase annual returns.

You can get started with a free 30-day trial here.

This will give you full access to all premium features plus the following:

  • Exclusive recommendations for long-term investors
  • Earnings estimate revisions
  • Daily articles and newsletters

Zacks ultimate

An ultimate subscription gives you access to the full suite of services offered by Zacks.

It will cost you $299 per month. That’s a total of $2,995 per year.

Here are the features included in the Zacks Ultimate plan:

  • Ratings of small and medium-sized companies with expected profitability in the long term
  • Short-term investor portfolio reports from alternative energy sources, blockchain, technology, healthcare, and commodity creators
  • Premium screens of over 45 pre-set screens with one-click access to high-growth stocks
  • Zacks Investment Research for Surprised Options Traders and Traders
  • Zacks short list
  • Under $10 and big rolling lists
  • Choose monthly stocks based on your investment style
  • Unlimited access to stock market analysis by brokerage analysts

Here’s how it works:

Once you finish your 30-day free trial, your subscription will automatically switch to the paid version.

The annual fee will be charged to your credit card at the beginning of the paid subscription period. The ultimate subscription is only available with the monthly payment option.

If you are not satisfied with Zacks services, they will give you a full refund as long as you cancel within the first 90 days.

Key Features of Zacks Ultimate

Ultimate membership gives you access to all of Zacks’ market insights and private stock picking service.

Use expert comments and recommendations to improve portfolio performance.

Here are some of the key features of a paid Zacks Premium subscription:

  • Zacks #1 Ranking List – A real-time ranking of the Strong Buy stocks with the most potential
  • Style results match rated stocks to your investment style based on a scoring system that analyzes value, growth and momentum.
  • Zacks Focus List is a highly exclusive portfolio of the top 50 long-term stocks curated by the company’s Director of Research based on its earnings momentum.
  • Industry rankings give you the opportunity to invest in high growth industries to expand your investment earnings potential

Zacks Premium Review Summary | Is it worth it?

yes. Zacks Research has a variety of useful tools for a reasonable annual subscription fee. You can read helpful articles, ask questions from experts, and use our comprehensive and accurate stock ratings.

Zacks Premium Bros

  • Proven Zacks List Performance Ranked #1
  • Daily ranking lists for a real-time stock market overview
  • Wide range of reporting tools and resources

Cons of Zacks Premium

  • Frequent portfolio adjustments are required to achieve optimal trading performance

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