(Miembro Real) Ferris Report Review 2023

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And Ferris claims portfolios could be lost once “all bubbles” burst. But is the analysis accurate or misplaced? Check out this The Ferris Report   review from a real member to find out.

What is the Ferris Report?

Ferris Report is an investment newsletter led by Dan Ferris and published by Stansberry Research.

Members receive monthly recommendations, bonus reports, market feedback, and other benefits. Recommendations focus on stocks and exchange-traded funds.

When it comes to strategy, Dan’s main focus is to help set up a portfolio in case “all bubbles” burst. It also provides research on how to navigate what it calls “dead zones”: periods of prolonged stagnation of economic growth.

Their recommendations focus on long-term companies that can take advantage of macro and micro trends.

A typical retention period for a position can range from years to even decades.

The Ferris Report team may also sometimes recommend reverse ETFs. However, it may be a good idea to consider it a good bond and not a fixed element of the investment strategy.

Who is Dan Ferris?

Dan Ferris is an investment analyst who does a good job of showing stock market movements under the radar.

And as a value investor, your goal is to find “some of the safest yet most profitable stocks on the market: big companies that trade at big discounts.”

For decades, his cautious approach to finding undervalued stocks with solid upside potential has earned him a loyal following.

He has also made some impressive calls, which have given his readers a chance to catch two- and three-figure winners.

Some of his most famous previous options include:

  • Intel (133%)
  • Prestige Brand Ownership (406%)
  • Latin American Export Bank (133%)
  • International royalties (248%)

Although this previous choice is impressive, it is important to note that these results are not typical, and past performance is not an indicator of future results.

Dan’s The Ferris Report  is a new addition to the Stansberry Research lineup, but has been a core member of the team since 2000.

Another newsletter, Extreme Value, has been going strong since its launch in 2022.

In fact, Extreme Value has secured a solid 4.1 rating on Stock Gumshoe.

Please note that this is a third-party site, so I cannot verify the correctness of this ranking. However, it is a good sign that Dan has received so much praise.

There are no reviews for Ferris Report  at the moment, but the service is new, so this makes sense.

In addition to his hugely popular newsletter, Dan also runs the Stansberry Investor Hour podcast.

What comes with this service?

This investment newsletter is packed with valuable research and insights.

Read on for the full scoop.

Suscripción tahunan a The Ferris Report

Each month, the newsletter provides members with recommendations that are mostly vetted by the team.

Usually stocks or ETFs. But sometimes reverse ETFs can also be recommended.

One thing I appreciate is that there is no deliberate rotation between stocks and ETF options. The team did not freeze the idea of investing to settle the quota.

The Ferris report also provides more than just a ticker.

It offers supporting research market reviews, alerts, and more. The analysis also includes looking at the latest micro and macro trends.

Portofolio model  Ferris Report

All open positions of the service are recorded in the model portfolio.

This useful resource allows members to check the performance of the team’s investment knowledge at a glance.


  • Ticker, reference data, and reference price
  • Divide
  • Latest prices and buy-up-to
  • Returns and more

The model portfolio is pretty standard in the industry, but The Ferris Report offers some unique features.

By clicking on the ticker, members are greeted with a stock chart. The screen also offers two options for checking Stansberry’s Company Score or initial recommendations.

Stansberry Investor Time

Every Monday, a new episode of Stansberry Investor Hour airs.

And offering world-class information and interviewing some of the brightest minds in business, investment, and politics.

Some of the past guests include:

  • Jim Rogers
  • T. Boone Pickens
  • Dr. Ron Paulus
  • Glenn Beck

Weekly podcasts are a great way to get informed about the latest market news and rumors in the investment world.

Special alerts and updates

Special alerts are issued whenever the team thinks it is time to lock in profits or close open positions.

Members also receive updates if Dan detects a call moving event around the corner.

Alerts are sent straight to your inbox, making logging easy.

You can go about your day with confidence knowing that the Ferris Report team  is watching the market.

Special Report Files

Members can search all of Dan’s special report files.

This includes all the reports you write during the next year, as well as upcoming reports published in the next twelve months.

Because the service is new, the catalog may not be as extensive as other files.

That said, as the file grows, so does the value offered.

El Stansberry Digest

This daily newsletter is delivered to members around 6 p.m. each market day.

In addition to Dan’s contributions, this e-letter also provides insights from several other Stansberry Research analysts.

This makes it a great read for someone interested in daily market commentary with various angles.

Plus, The Ferris Report is a monthly newsletter, so The Stansberry Digest can be a solid resource to keep you up to date with the financial world among the numbers.

However, this newsletter does not offer trading ideas.

Special Report

Under the latest agreement, new members receive bonus analysis that can help grow and protect the portfolio during the “Dead Zone”.

Please for details of each resource.

Avoid it at all costs: this stock will never trade this high in your lifetime again.

Research reports usually offer additional stock options or trading education.

But it deviated from the beaten path.

The team has identified 11 stocks that they say could mean bad news for the portfolio in the future.

They even called them “dangerous companies.”

In addition to warnings about these actions, the team also investigated several sectors and classes of investment that could also be problematic.

Even if you’re starting a portfolio from scratch, these resources can provide valuable insights into investments that could potentially drag the portfolio down.

Best of the best: The ONLY stock that can 8 times your money safely during America’s “dead zone”

And provided details about some of his key actions for what he called America’s “Dead Zone.”

He also said they could provide up to 8X potential in the future.

Although this type of stock has skyrocketed by more than 500% in recent years, Dan believes they can have more gas in the tank.

This report reveals everything you need to know about this opportunity, including supporting research, stock symbols, and purchase prices.

Trade your dollars for a potential 1,000% profit thanks to gold and silver

In times of inflation, many view precious metals, such as gold and silver, as a haven to protect wallets.

However, in this case, the team has an unconventional game.

This report explains how to gain exposure to precious metals without going to your local gold bullion dealer and buying in bulk.

This is a more speculative position than the team usually recommends. But they believe its upside potential could be huge.

Recession protection that could be 7 times your money in 10 years

And said the sector could be one of the most financially stable havens for investing in the stock market.

In her presentation, she shared some data points on why she considers this kind of action as a safe haven.

On the one hand, they have provided an opportunity for double-digit gains this year, while the market is down 20%.

In addition, this type of stock has outperformed the S&P 500 since 2001 by about 60%.

Two of the world’s most valuable assets in times of crisis

Dan and the team have identified two assets that they believe can survive and thrive during a recession.

Since it is premium research, they can only give some clues as to why they are optimistic about this opportunity.

Its first asset is up 1,700% over the long term and hasn’t seen a single year’s decline in decades.

Second on its list has provided an opportunity for 12% to 14% revenue for about 30 years.

Considering that Dan anticipates that the “Dead Zone” of the US stock market may persist for decades, it makes sense for these assets to make cuts.

30-day money-back guarantee

A new membership to The Ferris Report comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This means that you can take the service for a trial round for about a month. If you decide it’s not a good match, you can ask for your money back for the subscription price.

Thirty days is the industry standard, so the service is in tune with many of its competitors.

Recommendations generally lean towards the long term, so this may not be enough time to see a position towards their conclusion.

However, it offers more than enough time to verify the quality of Dan’s analysis (which I think is quite remarkable).

You can also take some valuable insights in the process.

Is Dan Ferris legit?

And Ferris is a legitimate investment analyst.

As mentioned, it has a strong track record of pursuing value stocks with a lot of upside potential.

His ability to spot market trends is also another admirable aspect of his analysis.

He accurately warned about the 2008 financial crisis and the collapse of small-cap mining in 2011.

Given his penchant for predicting seismic stock market events, many well-known media personalities have been looking for his ideas.

Algunos incluyen Uang con Melissa Francis,  The Willis Repor t en Fox Business News y The Street con Paul Bagnell en Business News Network.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Ferris report is a solid newsletter, but there are some downsides to the service.


  • Good price with 75% discount
  • 30-day cashback window
  • Stock and ETF recommendations
  • One of Stansberry’s most important thoughts behind the wheel


  • No investment community
  • Does not include shorts or options

Is this service right for me?

The Ferris report can be a good option for people looking for research on stocks and ETFs in the long run.

A moderate security rating aims to provide a happy middle ground between risk and reward, so you can synergize well with various investment strategies.

Another big attraction is the breadth of analysis offered. Each issue offers a comprehensive view of the recommendations and includes macro analysis of the stock market. In my experience, this level of detail is quite rare in the industry.

Pricing puts the service within the reach of many budgets. However, mileage may vary.

There is also quite a lot of variety in the choice. These recommendations are intended to cover a wide range of enterprises. The team does not recommend shorts. However, sometimes they can add an inverted ETF to the mix.

While these newsletters can appeal to a wide audience, a month’s selection of stocks or ETFs is not ideal for day trading.

How much does it cost?

Under the latest deal, The Ferris Report costs just $49 for the first year.

This is a 75% downgrade from its usual rate of $199, not bad.

The icing on the cake is that there is no compensation for choosing a discount. New members receive everything mentioned, including special reports and a 30-day cashback window.

It is important to note that the $49 fee is an introductory offer. When the subscription renewed, the original price was $199.

While I’d rather have the introductory fee set for the next update, the 75% discount in the first year is still a lot, especially considering the newsletter includes five research reports.

Is Ferris report worth it?

The Ferris report is a great service that’s worth the price of admission.

For a little more than $4 a month, you can leverage analysis from one of Stansberry Research’s brightest minds.

The package is packed with valuable resources, including five custom reports designed to help address current market conditions and potential recessions.

It also comes with a daily newsletter to help you until the monthly amount drops.

Plus, everything is backed by a 30-day cashback window.

Overall, The Ferris Report is the best service that lives up to Dan’s reputation.

I recommend looking at it if you are in the market for long-term recommendations from proven analysts.


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