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Social media is complex. It is a work, an art form, a means of communicating with others. Personally, I don’t like most social media platforms, although I use some at work. However, I love Instagram. I only fill my feed with accounts that inspire me, make me smile, and encourage me. Then I try to limit my use but turn to it when I need that lift. Mostly, honestly, I follow accounts of cute dogs and beautiful crafts. But, there are some great personal money and money for Instagrammers to follow if you’re looking for that kind of inspiration. Here are some that I like.

1. myfabfinance

Entrepreneur Tonya Rapley has an amazing inspiring business account. It’s My Fab Finance where “We help you make your money you’re proud of.” Her account is full of serpents and inspiring posts that will give you loads of information about money management presented to you in understandable portions.

2. Planetmoney

You may know about NPR’s Planet Money podcast. This is the Instagram account related to that. It tells you briefly about the things on offer. If you don’t have the opportunity or interest to keep up with the show day in and day out, this can be a great way to learn about the useful things they have to offer there. When you see a post you like, you can always check out the longer version.


Do you believe in showing money with the right mindset? Then this female-focused Instagram account should inspire you. It’s a well-organized account full of quick affirmations. It can help spread positivity on your Instagram feed. While there are sometimes videos and reels, this is mostly a Quick Reminders account to enhance the beauty of scrolling.


Dyana can help you achieve more spending freedom by controlling your spending, paying down debt and building your savings. If you want practical tips, advice, and reminders on these key areas of saving money, you’ll find them here. This one is rich in reels.


Alli Williams (hence the word play: Financialli) can “help you de-stress, build wealth, and live the life of your dreams.” Her account has a lot of different types of posts but my favorite is the media slides. For example, a set of segments defines the terms of medical insurance.

It offers useful and practical information on things like 529 plans, how to prepare financially for a child, and avoid burnout. There isn’t a lot of fluff here compared to most Instagram accounts. It’s useful stuff.


If you are looking for useful Instagram content that leads you to more in-depth articles on financial topics, moneymag is a good place to start. The appearance of their posts is consistent, so you’ll always know it’s theirs when you scroll. Stop scrolling, check if the post is about a financial topic you want to learn about, and then click the bio links. Note, however, that brief information even within the post itself is often helpful!

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