Social path update: I got a refund

PathSocial Update: I got a refund

Back in April, I shared with you my Path Social experience. I felt like I had been cheated. I still don’t think the service is worth it. However, I wanted to update you to let you know that the company has responded back to me.

my social experience

You can read the original post to find out all about why this was such a bad experience for me. However, the basics are:

  • Path Social promised to grow my Instagram account with organic real followers.
  • However, every account that followed me seemed to be fake.
  • On top of that, they never came close to meeting the numbers of new followers they said they would get me, even with all those fake accounts.
  • Therefore, I canceled my account within the first month. You have requested a refund.

My first refund request

I called the company in the first week of using the service to let them know that I was not satisfied with the service. They assured me that they were just getting started. Note that they didn’t say anything about the refund policy.

About the end of the second week, I wrote it again. I’ve tried working with them, and it just wasn’t working. Therefore, I requested to terminate my account immediately for a full refund.

At that time, they directed me to their refund policy. It turns out that they only offer refunds in the first week of their service. I expressed that this was not fair because I contacted them early and no one mentioned this option. Furthermore, they assured me that my experience was normal in that time frame.

Keep asking for my money back

After expressing my dissatisfaction with my lack of knowledge of the policy, I again asked for a full refund. In the meantime, I switched my account from the higher paying account to the lower priced account. And I canceled the auto-renewal, which was the only option I could find at the time to cancel the account.

When I explained again that I wanted my money back, I received an email in return that read:

“Although we may not be able to refund as it is outside the 7-day refund policy, we appreciate the feedback you have given us to improve our services.”

Finally, get my money back

Frankly, this pissed me off. That’s the kind of thing that makes these companies, which aren’t exactly a scam but are on edge, make us feel like consumers have taken advantage of them. That was when I went online and wrote articles about my experience.

I also texted them again. I reiterated the ways they failed to meet the minimum baseline of what they said I would pay them for, and I reiterated that I expect a full refund. I added,

“If you do not refund me, I will file a fee dispute with my credit card company, a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and request additional assistance in reporting your consumer fraud tactics to others.”

I hate resorting to these methods. Having said that, I would have done these things in this case because I really felt that they were fraudulent. Within a day, I received an email that the billing team was reviewing my order. Within two days, I got my money back.

So, in fairness, I wanted to let you know that they eventually issued me a refund. I would not subscribe to their services nor would I recommend them to anyone. But they came with a refund in the end.

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