Stock Scanner TC2000: Better Trading Software?

Finding the right tools to analyze the market can be daunting for a trader.

You’ve likely spent countless hours researching the best inventory examiner, sifting through heaps of information, and deciding which one will meet your needs.

And just when you thought you’d exhausted all your options, you found the TC2000. This stock screener promises a sophisticated solution to help you make informed investment decisions, but is it worth your time and money?

In this TC2000 stock check review, I will work you through this trading software.

I’m going to highlight the features that set them apart from the competition and show how they can benefit you as an investor. So if you are ready to take your stock market game to the next level, read on.
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About TC2000

TC2000 Brokerage is a subsidiary of Worden Brothers Inc. , which provides stock market analysis software. They offer a unified platform for charting, stock and options screening, and trading features.

The TC2000 provides an easy-to-use platform with a host of features, including charts, options, and stocks for all US-based companies, several indicators, data stream delays, option chains, trading windows, notepad, and favorite watchlist.

The company’s software allows for real-time fundamental and technical analysis of stocks, including ETFs, and provides the ability to create indices based on market conditions.

In addition, the TC2000 provides a comprehensive options trading platform with the ability to scan and filter hundreds of options strategies and execute and monitor trades directly from the charts.

Finally, a trial version of the basic platform is available without the need to provide personal or credit card information. Once ready, users can upgrade to the Silver, Gold or Platinum edition and open a brokerage account.

You can learn more about this brokerage by reviewing TC2000 here for a more detailed view.

What is the TC2000 stock checker?

The TC2000 Stock Screener is a comprehensive tool that offers a combination of fundamental and technical screening criteria, robust options, and ETF screening.

It has been recognized for its excellence since winning the best-in-class award in 1995.

TC2000 stock screener pricing

The TC2000 provides a basic version of its software as a free offer, and here is a breakdown of pricing.

The free version allows for basic features, but most advanced capabilities are only available with a paid subscription. It is important to note that a premium experience is required to take full advantage of the powerful features and capabilities of the platform.

The Silver plan costs $9.99 per month and provides basic access to the Preferred Stock Checker.

The Gold and Platinum plans, at $29.99 and $89.98 per month, offer more advanced features. This includes a step-by-step wizard for configuring conditions, sortable watchlists with up to 100 alerts, and historical status testing with auto-update intervals on scans. The Platinum Plan also includes the option to receive up to $300 in annual rebates when you open a TC2000 trading account.

Benefits of the TC2000 stock sieve

The TC2000 platform combines simplicity with powerful scanning and filtering capabilities.

Integration with the TC2000 brokerage account enables seamless transition between checking with different fundamental and technical parameters, managing watchlists, and executing trades. This ease of use and functionality extends to the ETF’s checking capabilities and options.

TC2000 Stock Screener Defective

A potential limitation of 2000 is that it only covers the US and Canadian stock exchanges. However, its strong inventory checking capabilities and reliable customer support make it a competitive choice.

How does the TC2000 Stock Screener work?

The TC2000 platform leverages the power of its filter as the primary tool for integrating user input. Subscribing to the TC2000 plan gives access to all available trading options.

The filter has three main components: descriptive, technical, and basic, each with subcategories for entering values.

Enter the required data and apply the filter to receive the checked results. These results can then be used in stock trading decisions.

Who is the TC2000 suitable for?

Professional traders are constantly striving to simplify their operations, reduce risks and increase returns. The TC2000 stock screener can play an important role in this regard by providing valuable insights and helping to filter the huge amount of data in the stock market.

With the ability to screen stocks based on various technical and fundamental parameters, traders can quickly identify potential opportunities and make informed trading decisions.

Moreover, the TC2000 Stock Screener can save traders time and increase efficiency by automating the screening process. This eliminates manual searching, enabling traders to focus on more complex analysis and decision making.

The software offers a more comprehensive view of the market, including real-time data and updates. This may enable traders to stay ahead of the curve and respond quickly to changes in market conditions.

Is the TC2000 Stock Scanner Worth It?

Incorporating a stock screener into your toolkit can bring many benefits, including increased efficiency, more comprehensive market insights, and the ability to make informed trading decisions.

Thus, the TC2000 Stock Screener may be a valuable tool to help traders stay ahead of the curve in a competitive and fast-paced market. TC2000 offers comprehensive tools for “day and options” traders.

Although the platform may not have some of the latest technological advancements, it still provides a comprehensive set of essential features for professional traders.

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