TC2000 Charting Software: A Trader’s Best Friend?

For the active trader whose entire trading strategy relies on using real-time data to take advantage of market changes, having a market scanner is key. However, not all market scanners are created equal.

Some are little more than glorified alert systems, while others also offer filtering tools and charting capabilities in addition to their various alerts on price changes. TC2000 software builds on this foundation, adding integration for brokerage services into the mix.

However, there are many different stock trading tools and platforms that traders can use to maximize their trading time. Why should you use TC2000 graphing software? In this article, we aim to tell you why this desktop app should be your go-to!

the purpose

The main purpose of this charting platform is to allow traders to perform analysis and check stocks on the same platform.

The TC2000 offers several advanced features intended to simplify this process including customizable charts, the ability to analyze data by time frame, support for a variety of technical indicators, trading simulations, and even the ability to perform stock trading directly from the platform.

We’ll cover the main points in this article but if you want to know all the details, it’s worth checking out this in-depth TC2000 review!
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As mentioned above, TC2000 offers support for live trades from their platform (although you will have to trade through Interactive Brokers). The platform supports stock, ETF and options trading; It does not support other asset types such as crypto or futures.

Besides its ability to execute trades, the TC2000 offers a plethora of features to help identify potentially profitable trades. These features include technical indicators. Market timing indicators, customizable pre-made charts, watchlists, trading simulator and EasyScan (stock and options screener tool).

Platinum members get access to more advanced features (historical test and survey results, automatic survey updates, ability to build market timing indicators, and more!).


While we definitely recommend this desktop platform to those with an active trading style, there are some points where it does not measure up to other trading platforms. Fortunately, there are not many of them, but they are still worth mentioning nonetheless!

TC2000 does not contain:

  • back test Although the TC2000 offers historical state testing, this isn’t quite the same—nor quite as robust—as true backtesting capabilities.
  • anticipation Common features found on newer platforms.
  • Automated trading They can be preset to be executed on their own using preset conditions and constraints.
  • Artificial intelligence To guide, assist and assist you in your daily business needs.

the cost

If you like the TC2000 charting software, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll have a small variety of free and paid pricing options. While the higher-tier plans will certainly unlock more features, the average trader probably won’t need to sign up for a top-tier plan for day-to-day use.

Here are the plans:


Interestingly, the free option is not listed directly on the TC2000 website. You’ll need to head to to find it. This option offers some basic capabilities but lacks any of the essential features needed for an in-depth analysis of the stock market.


At just $9.99 per month, the Silver plan unlocks some features that are blocked from free users. Silver members will be able to place trades directly through the TC2000, take notes, set custom watchlists, and set custom chart layouts.


At $29.99 per month, the Gold plan arguably offers the best value for your money. In addition to the features already mentioned, the Gold plan unlocks the ability to track up to 100 stocks, multiscreen workspace layouts, sortable watchlists, charts, pre/post market positioning, formula writing, and charting tools.

However, the main advantage of Gold is EasyScan. As the stock and options scanning tool for the TC2000, it is a must for any day trader using this platform.


Since the TC2000 plan is so high-end, it’s no surprise that it’s also the more expensive option. However, the price increase is quite a big jump over the Gold plan: The Platinum plan costs a grand total of $89.98 per month!

TC2000 Graphing Software: Summary

While there are many platforms that offer data similar to what you might find on the TC2000 charts, the platform still has a lot to offer for day traders and day traders. We do not recommend it to traders who are looking for the latest platform. Instead, we recommend it to those who are looking for a tried and true solution to their trading problems.

The Platinum plan is very powerful, but most regular users won’t need to subscribe to this tier. We think – for most low/medium volume traders – the Gold plan is sufficient (and definitely kinder to your wallet!). However, high-volume traders may find the Platinum Plan worth the extra premium.

TC2000 is well-known and trusted software for a reason: it works! Click here if you’d like to find out for yourself what all the hype is about.

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