These are the 5 places to get the best deals on bikes

World Bicycle Day

Friday 3 June 2022 is World Bicycle Day. The event highlights all the benefits of riding a bike, including serving as a form of clean transportation, being generally affordable, and serving as a medium for exercise. Whether you want to celebrate World Bicycle Day or simply want to get a new bike for the summer, knowing where to shop is essential. Here is a list of five places to get the best deals on bikes.

1. Walmart

When it comes to bike deals, Walmart is an excellent choice. The retailer often has sales that reduce the cost of popular models for children and adults alike. In addition, the selection in the store is usually very strong. In many cases, Walmart will also assemble a bike for free. This is incredibly convenient if you don’t want to deal with trouble yourself.

You also have the option to purchase a bike from Walmart online. If you’re choosing a store-available model in your nearest location, you can often arrange for curbside pickup. Otherwise, you can have one shipped to your door, often with free three-day shipping.

2. Amazon

Another retailer worth checking out if you prefer having a bike delivered to your door is Amazon. There are a large number of models available, ensuring there is a choice for just about anyone. Plus, many bikes qualify as Class A, which makes it easy to qualify for free shipping.

You can also search for third-party sellers through Amazon. In some cases, this makes getting a lot easier. Just be aware that these options may not come with free shipping, and since bike boxes are a bit large and heavy, this can significantly increase the cost. Plus, read seller reviews and returns details carefully, ensuring you know how difficult it can be to send them back if something is wrong.

3. Your sporting goods

As a sporting goods retailer, Dick not only has a solid selection, but often has really competitive prices. Whether you are looking for a mountain bike, beach cruiser or road bike, there are usually suitable options available. If you also get a sale, the price will probably make you smile, too.

Another benefit is that many Dick’s Sporting Goods locations have curbside or store pickup options. This allows you to process your purchase online and pick up your bike locally.

4. Target

Like Walmart, Target usually has a reasonable selection and very competitive pricing. Oftentimes, the store will focus more on road bikes, although they may also have some low-cost mountain bikes. Plus, Target has pre-assembled bikes, saving you some hassle after purchase.

If you don’t find a solid option in the store, you can also order a bike online and have it delivered. Additionally, you may qualify for free shipping, which is important for boxes that are as large and heavy as bike boxes.

5. REI

If you’re looking for solid deals, quality bikes, and a great customer experience, REI is worth considering. The retailer specializes in sports and outdoor recreation, so its selection of bikes is solid. While the retailer prefers high-end equipment, that doesn’t mean everything breaks the bank, especially if you buy a bike for sale.

REI also specializes in mountain bikes, and stores usually have knowledgeable staff. If you need a performance bike and aren’t sure where to start, this is another reason the REI is worth exploring.

Do you know any other places to get great deals on bikes this World Bicycle Day? Have you shopped at one of the stores above and would like to tell others about your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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