These are the cities with the lowest property taxes in Michigan

Lowest property taxes in Michigan

When some people decide if they can buy a home, they simply take into account the total purchase price of the home and their monthly mortgage payment. Unfortunately, they may not take into account two other costly components of home ownership – the cost of repair and maintenance and the annual property tax. Generally, homeowners should set aside 2 to 4 percent of a home’s value for repairs and maintenance. In addition, before buying a home in Michigan or any other state, they should know How much are property taxes?. As for the bottom line, consider living in one of the cities with lower property taxes in Michigan.

General information about real estate taxes in Michigan

In Michigan, property tax rates are set at the county level. Additionally, Michigan has an effective property tax rate on owner-occupied homes, called the dwelling rate. However, those who own second homes He will pay a higher property tax on this additional home.

Low property tax rates don’t necessarily mean low taxes

A resident of a county with a lower estate tax rate may pay higher taxes than a resident with a higher estate tax rate because their home may have a higher value. The higher the value of the home, the more likely you are to pay property taxes.

Cities with the lowest property taxes in Michigan

according to 101- Property taxthe county with the lowest property taxes in Michigan is Lilanaw County with property taxes of only 0.83 percent of a home’s value.

However, Leelanau County is a pretty tourist spot at the top of the Lower Peninsula bordering Lake Michigan, so most homes are quite expensive. Therefore, this translates to property taxes that are more expensive than those in other parts of the state even though the percentage of taxes paid based on the value of the home is lower than in other counties in the state.

Some of the cities in Leelanau County include:

  • Cedar
  • empire
  • Glenn Arbor
  • Lake Lilanaw,
  • Leland
  • Maple City
  • north port,
  • Omina,
  • Sutton Bay

The county with the second lowest property taxes in Michigan is Alcona County, which is also located on the Upper Lower Peninsula, across from Leelanau County, and on the border with Lake Huron.

Alcona County cities include:

  • Barton City,
  • black river,
  • curran,
  • Glenny,
  • Greenbush,
  • Harrisville,
  • lincoln,
  • mikado,
  • Fir tree

Los County, located on the Upper Peninsula and bordering Lake Superior, is among the top three counties with the lowest property tax rates in the state. Because home prices are affordable in this area, Los County also has the lowest median property tax in the state.

Cities in Los County include:

Cities with the highest property taxes in Michigan

The area of ​​Michigan you live in partly determines how expensive property taxes are. Property taxes are higher in the eastern side of the state, including Detroit and its surrounding areas.

Wayne County

Therefore, the highest actual property taxes in Michigan can be found in Wayne County, home of Detroit. Real estate taxes are 2.07% of the home’s value. Some of the cities in Wayne County include:

  • canton
  • Dearborn Heights,
  • Detroit,
  • Gross Point,
  • Harper Woods
  • inkster,
  • Livonia,
  • Plymouth,
  • Romulus

Ingham County

The county with the second highest effective property tax rate is Ingham County, which includes the state capital of Lansing. The tax rate in Ingham County is slightly lower than the Wayne County tax rate, coming in at 1.97 percent.

Ingham County cities include:

  • Danville,
  • East Lansing,
  • Haslett,
  • holt,
  • Lansing,
  • leslie,
  • Mason
  • Okemos,
  • Onondaga,
  • Stockbridge,
  • Weberville,
  • Williamston

Washtenaw . County

Finally, Washtenaw County’s district outside Michigan’s top three counties with the highest effective property tax rate. Washtenaw County is home to the City of Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan and has an effective property tax rate of 1.81 percent.

Lowest property taxes in Michigan

Cities within Washtenaw County include:

  • Ann Arbor
  • Bridgewater
  • Chelsea
  • Dexter,
  • Manchester,
  • Salem,
  • Brine ,
  • Whitmore Lake,
  • Whitaker,
  • Willis,
  • Ypsilanti

Property tax rates in other Michigan counties

Besides the counties previously mentioned, Michigan has many counties that fall between actual property tax rates between 0.86 percent and 1.75 percent.

Top 10 Michigan counties with the lowest property tax

Rounding out the 10 counties with the lowest effective property tax rate are:

  • Benzie County – 0.86 percent
  • Montmorency County – 0.88 percent
  • Oskoda District – 0.90 percent
  • Cheboygan County – 0.90 percent
  • County Antrim – 0.95 percent
  • Mackinac County 0.97%
  • Ujimao Prefecture — 1.00 percent

Top 10 Michigan counties with the highest property tax

Rounding out the 10 counties with the highest effective property tax rate are:

  • Kalamazoo County – 1.61 percent
  • Calhoun County – 1.63 percent
  • Bay County – 1.63 percent
  • Dickinson County – 1.64%
  • Genesee County – 1.65 percent
  • Macomb County – 1.74 percent
  • Oakland County – 1.75 per cent

Ways to lower your property tax

If you feel that your property taxes are too high, you can appeal. This process requires your case to be presented to the Review Board.

If you can’t afford your property taxes, you may qualify for one of these situations, which could drop your property tax total:

Michigan laws circuit breakers

If you pay more than 3.5 percent of your income in property taxes, you may be able to recover the difference in your income taxes. However, you will need to fill out the Homestead 1040CR Credit Form.

Disabled veterans exemption

Lowest property taxes in Michigan

under The law was passed in 2013A disabled veteran who has been honorably discharged from military service is exempt from property taxes. To qualify, a veteran must live on the property as his or her primary residence and provide an affidavit proving that he or she meets all requirements.

If a disabled warrior dies and his/her spouse remains unmarried, that spouse is not obligated to pay property taxes until he or she remarries.

last thoughts

Michigan is a scenic state that is great in the summer. In addition, the state offers abundant recreational activities in the open air. While the winters are cold and snowy, residents can still find plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. If you want to live in the state, remember when buying a home to also consider the property tax rates in the area in which you wish to live. In general, counties in the upper parts of the state have low property tax rates. Those counties, including surrounding major cities such as Detroit and Lansing, will have the highest effective property tax rates.

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