TrendSpider Coupon – Cost Savings You Can’t Miss

TrendSpider is definitely one of the best stock analysis tools you can get. It’s one of our top recommendations for the trader who needs real-time data, and alerts ensure you get notified. There are a few plans you can choose from on TrendSpider, and you can choose to go month by month or sign up for the annual subscription.

The prices are not affordable, but don’t worry because we have a solution.

TrendSpider Cost – How Much Can You Save?

So, how much does TrendSpider cost and all its analytic glory? That said, you have a choice between monthly or annual subscriptions and three pricing tiers.


The name might be a bit misleading because the Premium plan is actually the most basic. You actually get a full suite with Premium for just $39 a month or $33/month ($396 a year) with an annual subscription.

The premium plan is recommended for traders who are very active but have other day jobs and are not focused on trading full time.


The Elite plan is TrendSpider’s most popular option. It’s the best option for seasoned and frequent traders, they mention, and it costs $79 a month, or $65 a month ($780 a year). As you can see, the more expensive the plan, the more savings you get.


The last plan for professionals and professional traders. The advanced plan will cost a whopping a penny at $129 per month or $97 per month ($1,164 per year). This plan unlocks all TrendSpider features.

All plans promise no hidden fees, customer support easily accessible via phone, chat or email, and there’s one training!

If you go for the free trial first and then continue to subscribe, TrendSpider gives you more discounts equivalent to:


$33.15 per month or $28.05 per month annually.


$67.15 per month or $55.25 per month annually.


$109.65 per month or $82.45 per month annually.

TrendSpider price comparison

How does TrendSpider’s cost compare to other similar services like TradingView? Let’s do a quick breakdown.

We know that TrendSpider has three different tiers at $33, $65 and $97 (prices of course are cheaper with a coupon code) with annual subscriptions. TradingView’s $12.95, $24.95, $49.95 respectively for its three plans with the annual branch.

We get it, pricing wise TradingView is more attractive, but what are you getting worth it? After all, it’s what’s on the inside that matters.

TrendSpider is definitely the option with the most value. It is advanced enough for experts and professionals, while TradingView is more recommended for new and intermediate traders. Another area where TrendSpider wins is mobile app functionality.

TrendSpider is intuitive and fully functional, which means you can do just about anything on it that you can do on a desktop site. On the other hand, TradingView is only partially functional.

How useful your investment strategies and learning resources will be will depend on your needs, but again, TrendSpider is our preferred option. Even if you are having a hard time getting around the charts and other technical data provided, you can find the answer at TrendSpider University.

TrendSpider also analyzes more securities compared to TradingView. Yes, TrendSpider is more expensive, but our 10% discount code has never been better if you are serious about trading.

TrendSpider Coupon Discount

Like we said, the price is no small feat, but we have a great deal for you. With this TrendSpider 10TS coupon code, you get 10% off any plan. Take advantage of this discount with a 7-day free trial of any plan that you can cancel or upgrade at any time.

What’s good about the free trial is that you won’t get a limited edition (and therefore limited offer) of what TrendSpider can do. You get full access to all the features of the plan of your choice for an entire week.

If you don’t cancel the plan because you like what you’re getting (and we think you will), you’ll be automatically charged afterwards. TrendSpider does not feel any dissatisfaction if you decide to cancel and they make the process very easy.

You don’t have to feel the pressure of having to commit, they have implemented the 7-day trial to your advantage. You can also choose to upgrade if the Premium or Elite plans don’t provide enough resources.


Is TrendSpider’s Cost Worth It? Yes, although it may sound steep, you can take advantage of our discount link and enter the code 10TS to get a 10% discount. Don’t feel pressured to sign up, because you can take it for a spin test first for 7 days. If you do not like the features or the service, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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