Who is Timothy Sykes of Profit?

Timothy Sykes is a well-known stock trader who became famous after turning an initial investment of $12,415 into $7,310,865 during his time in college. He is currently listed as a trading expert on profit

a bit of background

Although Tim Sykes is perhaps best known for his successful trading in riskier stocks, he has many other awards and accomplishments under his belt.

Before becoming a profitable trader focusing primarily on penny stocks, Sykes was a middle-class young boy growing up in Connecticut. Although Tim has always been intrigued by the idea of ​​stock trading, it wasn’t always his first career choice.

In fact, Tim didn’t commit to a life of trading until an injury put his successful tennis career on the forefront. After the injury, Tim seriously decided to trade.

After getting $12,415 in Bar Mitzvah money, Tim Sykes convinced his parents to let him invest his money and start trading stocks. His initial investments started in 1999, before he headed off to college.

Tim began attending Tulane University in 2000, where he studied for a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (with a minor in Business). He graduated in 2003, despite routinely skipping classes to pursue his day-to-day business endeavors.

However, in addition to the effort he put into his studies, his efforts in trading high-risk stocks are also paying off. By the time he graduated, Tim was a self-made millionaire.

In just three years, Timothy Sykes has turned $12,415 into a total of $1.65 million.